When an accident occurs you must report it to your insurance company. You should contact an attorney before report accident to your insurance company.

They immediately will want to take your statement and ask you questions how the accident occurred. It is in your best interest to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney before you give your statement. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, the insurance company will look for mitigating factors to deny coverage.

Doctor examining a patient after car accidentIt is very important to understand why you are being asked certain questions and the ramifications if they are not answered properly. It is very important to hire an attorney early to avoid making errors and missing deadlines. It also aids in documenting your injuries and/or recovering a settlement. Once your claim is started the burden is on you to prove and document that you have permanent injuries.

You can only do this with proper medical documentation. Your medical records must also convey that the treatment is related to a personal injury. In Naples there are only certain doctors that will get involved in your case and know how to document your injuries for a case. In fact, some doctors won’t treat you if you have
had an accident, while others will ask you for a letter of protection from your lawyer before they commence treatment.

Do you want to worry about these things while you are in pain? The Law Office of Tammy Strohl, PA can help you navigate through this complicated system so that you obtain the maximum recovery for your permanent injuries and pain and suffering.