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The most common injuries are injuries to "soft tissues", including muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Often referred to generically as "muscle strains and sprains", these injuries are usually caused by the sudden acceleration or deceleration of parts of the body, which results in the sudden stretching or tearing of these soft tissues.

In a motor vehicle crash, when soft tissues are injured along the spine in the neck or back area, this is called a "whiplash injury”. In the field of personal injury law, “whiplash injuries" are a type of soft tissue injury. At Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A., we help clients suffering from whiplash and other soft tissue injuries every day.

One of the most common treatments for whiplash soft tissue injuries is medication. Pain medications, muscle relaxer medications, and anti-inflammatory medications are all used to help alleviate the pain that whiplash injuries cause and to promote healing. Another common treatment is physical therapy. Different modalities or types of physical therapy include stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, heat packs, ice packs, massage, electrical stimulation, and use of controlled machine-assisted movements and exercises.

A skilled therapist or chiropractor will know when to use which modalities, and in what manner, to help achieve the best chances for recovery of a particular injured patient. Sometimes, therapy may not seem to be helping; in fact, it may even cause more pain initially as the injured tissues are loosened up and mobilized for recovery. Usually, a course of physical therapy is prescribed for several visits a week for a number of weeks because therapy requires a series of treatments over time before lasting improvement is accomplished.

Unfortunately, most whiplash injuries cannot be seen on an X-ray, CT scan, MRI, or other radiographic study. Accordingly, it's very important that a person suffering from a whiplash or soft tissue injury to tell their treating medical provider - including doctors, nurse practitioners, physician's aides, nurses and therapists - about the pain they are experiencing and the location of the pain on their body when they present themselves for treatment. Sometimes, a thorough examination of the injured area will reveal bruises, swelling or spasms, which will help the examiners - and the insurance company or a jury - to understand the extent of the injury.

Soft tissue injuries are painful and can last for extended periods of time. Most such injuries will recover over a period of weeks or months, but many may last as long as a year. Some never completely heal and become permanent.

Of the most serious and lasting injuries caused by rear-end collisions and vehicle accidents involve soft tissue damage. A soft tissue injury can be extremely severe and cause permanent and lasting damage. At Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A., in Naples, FL, I have extensive experience in complex injuries involving car accidents. I will take the time to review the medical documentation in your case, review the extent of your injuries and aggressively pursue your rightful recovery.

Serious Injury Caused by Car Accidents

Bringing a liability claim in Florida requires that you suffer a permanent injury after a car accident. As your lawyer, I will review medical documents, consult with experts, photograph your injuries and the location of your accident, and work with other professionals who can testify to the extent of your injuries and losses. I understand the complications that can arise and the difficulties faced by clients who have suffered soft tissue injuries, including back and neck injuries, after accidents. As a Naples auto accident whiplash attorney, I handle cases involving:
  • Neck injury
  • Back injury
  • Head injury
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of mobility
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Experienced Advocacy for a Successful Claim

A successful recovery depends on seeking appropriate medical attention and legal counsel to protect your rights. I will help you get an appropriate evaluation and treatment and use this evidence to reinforce your rights and claims. If you have been offered a settlement by an insurance carrier, remember that you should consult with an attorney before waiving any future claims or liability. I will take every necessary step to maximize your compensation for your personal and monetary losses after an accident.

During recovery, there are often periods of improvement and then periods of exacerbation. Rarely is recovery a consistent gradual improvement to full recovery; there are almost always ups and downs along the way. If you have been injured in a car crash and have suffered whiplash injuries or other soft tissue injury, you should seek medical attention immediately and then follow your doctor's advice by obtaining the follow-up medical care you need.

In the aftermath of an auto accident, obtaining immediate medical attention, fully and accurately explaining your injuries and symptoms so that your healthcare provider can document the nature and extent of your whiplash and other injuries in your medical record, and following the treating medical providers' recommendations are all important. Taking these actions will both expedite your recovery and subsequently assure that you receive fair compensation for your soft tissue injury claim.
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