Motorcycle Accidents

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After you have had a motorcycle accident, it's important that you find legal counsel that can protect your legal rights. Unfortunately, crashes that involve bicycles and motorcycles are becoming increasingly common. Up to three quarters of bicycle and motorcycle accidents involve other automobiles. Some of the most common motorcycle accidents occur when a truck or car doesn't see the motorcycle and turns right or left directly in front of them. This causes a collision or the bike swerves and crashes. A lot of times the biker is blamed for the accident even when it isn't their fault. For this reason, a motorcyclist that has been involved in an accident requires a motorcycle accidents' attorney in Naples, FL.

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At Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A., we understand exactly what you are going through. You don't have to face dealing with the legal issues involved in a motorcycle accident, alone. Typically, police reports blame the biker for an accident, however, it’s usually not your fault and an accident could be due to bad equipment or dangerous roads. When you need expert legal counsel, we are ready to protect your rights in and out of a court of Law. You will need protection after an accident, as well. We are committed to assisting injured motorcycle riders and their families when it comes to getting the compensation after an injury or accident. Consider our Law office to be the advocate you need to investigate your particular case and claim. We will work diligently with experts that include accident reconstructionists and others that can help us build your case and claim.

Factors that Cause Motorcycle Accidents:
  • Ropes and chains across trails
  • Road debris
  • Automobile drivers not paying attention
  • Drunk drivers
  • Bad weather conditions
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